Sunday, June 5, 2011

Death of the Herkimer

There are many ways for a blog to die. Some have walked out into the frozen tundra, arms splayed, coatless, never to be seen again. Some die slowly of VD, some suddenly of heart attacks. Some bleed to death after being stabbed eighteen times in the side with a shiv made from dental floss and a ball-point pen. Some have a secret wife, a treasure chest, and a bad conscience, and burn, spectacularly and justly, in a mysterious fire. Some accidentally eat poison intended for rats. Some buy a box with a Dybbuk in it. Some drink a cup of molten gold. Some die of laughter after getting their donkey drunk, then watching it try to eat figs. Some just die of old age.

The Herkimer Review has died, but it won't say how. It would prefer that you think of its death in whatever way makes you most comfortable. Perhaps it's turned into a ray of light. Perhaps it's reincarnated into a new blog--a better blog. Perhaps it didn't really die at all, but is still with us, inside the hearts of those who will always remember it.

The Herkimer will never forget you. It would like to leave two things behind. First, its utmost thanks to those who have contributed, whose work will be enshrined and accessible on its electronic walls forevermore. Secondly, this video, which it thinks is pretty awesome, and which, like its death, it would like you to make of what you will.

Deepest thanks from beyond the grave, where glaciers break, and dogs sing daily.

Write with guts!

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