Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's better this way

Tired of making excuses for herself, she kept quiet and fixed her eyes on the glove box. Long after this moment she would realize what she wanted to say to her mother, who was driving her home, "I had to be more than just picked up, I had to be excised from the birthday party like a malignant lump in a sackful of yet harmless but susceptible tumors. Mother, I commend you for taking action as soon as you did. You saved the birthday party from utter ruin." If only she could have had these words properly arranged before they pulled into the driveway, and her mother commanded, "You just sit right here and think about what you did. And don't move until I say so." The beloved daughter appeared shamed, but really she was frustrated at not having found the words to succinctly express her feeling that her playgroup sucks.

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